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What is the geodiSHOPlite?

The geodiSHOPlite of geodi is a site-application for an electronic shop (e-shop), with the most necessary functions to serve small and medium-sized companies. Its main advantages are:

  • it can be integrated / installed on every existing website (in server with support php)
  • it is free (for a limited number of products - up to 20)
  • it is easy to use
  • it is multilingual

How do I integrate the geodiSHOPlite on my website?

Although the interation of geodiSHOPlite is extremely easy, little knowledge is necessary. The process involves a few steps.

  • Create an user account on geodiSHOPlite. (The creation of the account is free and requires no activation.)
  • Download geodiSHOPlite_EN.zip to your computer and unzip it. In the archive you can find the files geodiProxi.php and geSHOPlite.rtf
  • Open geSHOPlite.rtf and execute the instructions described in it
  • Log into your account on http://geodi.net/shop/ and add your products.
Your shop is ready.

Which payment methods supports the geodiSHOPlite?

The geodiSHOPlite is built to support all the payment types. In its basic version it is ready for bank payments. (It is only necessary to add your bank details). Additionally, you can add a module for online payments by credit or debit cards.

Who sees my products on geodiSHOPlite?

The products can be seen only in your shop on your website (The geodiSHOPlite is not a price comparison engine.)

Can my geodiSHOPlite have its own unique design?

It would be enough if you replace the file ajGeodi.css which defines the style and is listed in geSHOPlite.rtf with your own file.

Do not forget!

The geodiSHOPlite does not describe anywhere the "Terms of use" of your shop. You will need to add them to your site and they should meet/should correspond to the European legislation and the legislation of your country for this kind of trade.


Terms of Use

The geodiSHOPlite is a module for the electronic trade (e-shop) of geodi.net with the most necessary functions to serve small and medium-sized companies.

The geodiSHOPlite is available for use in the form in which it is.
The geodi.net does not assume any responsibility for not included benefits or damages regarding the use of geodiSHOPlite.

The free version of geodiSHOPlite can be used by anyone who has an account on geodiSHOPlite in compliance with the European legislation and the legislation of the country where the person is located.

In case of violation of the legislatin and the terms of use, the geodi.net has the right to close the user's account without warning and without any kind of commitment.

The geodi.net has the right to terminate the funktion of the geodiSHOPlite, to change the terms of use at any time, completely, as the new terms come into effect a week after their announcement on this site.

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